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Are you a fresh out of high school and wondering what to do with your life? You may already have a job, and are looking to advance your career. At Cavendish University, we discover and develop our student's strengths. We help them find their passions and nurture their talents. Then, we use our job placement programmes to help them earn a living. Join us today and find out what you are good at.

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January Semester In progress

Exams start on 23rd June, 2016.


Distance Learning Face to Face sessions begin on 6th June, 2016.

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Radically rethinking education

This century is often described as the digital age. Students are exposed to technology almost as soon as they are born, and this affects how they think, learn, and interact. Cavendish University embraces this approach and uses a novel system to teach. We give our students skills that directly apply to the employment market. Join our ranks today. Learn more


Deadline for Registration is 20th March 2016.

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special announcement for South Sudan Juba Centre students