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Campus Life

Student Accomodation Options

Our Dean of Students’ office is always ready to help students find safe, cost-effective and comfortable housing to ease their stay at Cavendish University Uganda. You can reach the Dean of Students’ office via There are several places you can ...…

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COVID-19 Notice

Date: APRIL 6, 2020 To : All Students CUU STUDY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE TO COVID19 MEASURES It is my pleasure to address you on CUU’s study preparedness and response to the COVID 19 virus. I pray you are all well and ...…

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Outside the Classroom at Cavendish

Student Life The student body at Cavendish University is very diverse, with students hailing from more than four different countries on the African continent. The University is home to students from Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia and ...…

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Cavendish University Uganda Guild Cabinet (2018-2019)

A Congolese by Nationality. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration, banking and finance to be specific. I’m a 3rd year student. And I am the Guild President of Cavendish University Uganda. A Message From The President My ...…

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