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Dean Faculty of Socio-Economic Sciences (more…)
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    Master of Education in Educational Management

    The Master of Education degree in Educational Management provides you with a wide range of educational and administrative management skills, the ability and attitude to respond to specific day-day-day industry needs within the Education sector as well as managing effective development.

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    Master of Security Studies

    The proposed programme aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills required to develop professional careers in Security fields. The Security Studies programme covers a complex network of factors that influence relations among nations and the way certain events in one part of the world can have consequences in another especially on peace, stability and security.

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    Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies

    International relations (IR) is both an activity and discipline that helps to understand the politics, nature, scope and systems in a world. The discipline represents the study and interaction of activities/issues that make up the basis of foreign affairs among states and non-state actors in international system for the survival of states in an anarchical world.

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    Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration & Management

    Bachelor of Public Administration & Management allows you to explore global spaces created by language, culture and diplomacy.

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    Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

    Some people are born diplomats. They can resolve any crisis and charm their way out of any tight situation. Fortunately, these are skills that can be acquired. Learn the silver art of international persuasion and open the door to a global career.

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    Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism

    The world is full of stories, and it takes a special person to tell them. Someone with a quick tongue, a flowing hand, a resourceful mind, and an unquenchable thirst for the truth. That’s your starting point. Everything else you need, you can find in our hands-on communication degrees.

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    Enrol Now for Programmes in Law, IT, Socio Economic Sciences and Business at CUU

    Beatrice Kamukune | Cavendish University Uganda

    CUU offers an accomadative study environment.

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    Harmony Kyomugisha | Cavendish University Uganda

    Studying in CUU is transformative, objective and relevant to one’s career path.

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