Outside the Classroom at Cavendish

Student Life

The student body at Cavendish University is very diverse, with students hailing from more than four different countries on the African continent. The University is home to students from Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia and Eretria amidst more.

Attending Cavendish University exposed one to other cultures and ways of doing things. Each nationality has an association that represents its interests while the UN Student Club brings them all together. Beyond clubs, the immersive classroom experience creates several interactions with people outside what one student’s normal social bubble would allow them.

Letting Off Steam

Every once in a while everyone needs to ease some of the pressure. Cavendish University is perfectly located for students who wish to let off some steam after classes. Ggaba road holds pocket-friendly entertainment in form of restaurants, bars and beaches.

For the artistic types, Okapi Gallery serves up both art and meat roasts. Beach lovers can choose between KK, Ggaba and the beach at Commonwealth Speke Resort or all three.

If you are interested in more student-centered fun, join a student club/association. Visit the Student Guild office for more

On Campus Activities

On Campus, students have free use of Wi-Fi for them to keep abreast of international scholarly pursuits as well as stay updated on social media.

For those who are interested in competitive sports, the University has football and basketball teams.

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