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School of Post Graduate Studies and Research

The School of Post Graduate Studies & Research (SPGSR) is the unit that coordinates graduate training and research. The SPGSR focuses on national development by engaging in education, training and innovating new systems.

Graduate students are encouraged and enabled to delve deep into areas and zones previously little trodden to discover new knowledge needed to make our world a better place to live in.

Seize the abundant opportunities available at the SPGSR and research into excellence.

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Prof. Alex Thomas Ijjo

Director – School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (more…)
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    Master of Information Technology

    Master of Information Technology (MIT) program is designed on the belief that IT is at the core of every business and that successful organizations must have IT leaders who possess a strong understanding of both technology and essential business and management principles. Read More

    Master of Education in Educational Management

    The Master of Education degree in Educational Management provides you with a wide range of educational and administrative management skills, the ability and attitude to respond to specific day-day-day industry needs within the Education sector as well as managing effective development.

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    Master of Security Studies

    The proposed programme aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills required to develop professional careers in Security fields. The Security Studies programme covers a complex network of factors that influence relations among nations and the way certain events in one part of the world can have consequences in another especially on peace, stability and security.

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    Master of Science in Project Management

    Recent industry feedback indicates a strong market demand for graduates with project management acumen built on a broader base of skill sets, ranging from the arts, education, science, law to various other disciplines. These unique combinations of skills develop highly innovative and dynamic project management leaders who are able to gain traction across a wide variety of industries and social sectors.

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    Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies

    International relations (IR) is both an activity and discipline that helps to understand the politics, nature, scope and systems in a world. The discipline represents the study and interaction of activities/issues that make up the basis of foreign affairs among states and non-state actors in international system for the survival of states in an anarchical world.

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    Master of Laws (LLM)

    The Master of Laws (LL.M) is a two-year postgraduate taught degree programme with a compulsory dissertation in semester four. The Programme exposes students to new legal perspectives, deep and comparative analyses with the opportunity to specialise by choosing related courses in one of three specialisations namely Natural Resources Law, International Commercial Law, ‘Human Rights, Governance and Development’, and a unique course offering on Forensic Justice and Criminology.

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    Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGD BA)

    Sometimes in life, you have a lot to do and not much time to do it. When your position is time-barred, it helps to find the most effective way to spend it. A Postgraduate Diploma packs massive volumes of practical, hands-on business knowledge that you can apply directly into running your business.

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    Master of Public Health

    Doctors save lives, but they can’t do it without administrative support. They need skilled leaders that can design policies and implement strategies which benefit patients as well as medics. They need Public Health experts to do the hard work of managing medicine so that doctors can focus on healing.

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    Master of Business Administration – Management

    Every good business begins with a seed that cropped up in an ambitious mind. That seed was nurtured, fed, and watered, until it grew into a powerful business tree.  Many business-people learned through painful mistakes and disastrous experiences, but you don’t have to. Get a leg up with a Master of Business Administration.

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    Master of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance

    The backbone of any institution is its bookkeepers. They make financial decisions and steer the organization towards security, stability, and profitability. And it’s not just about making the numbers add up. It’s also about smart fiscal thinking. Acquire the skills and commercial acumen to lead your team to the next level.

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    Master of Business Administration – Procurement & Supply Chain Management

    Logistics are the key to any successful venture. You have to be clear about what the company needs, where to find it, and how to get it at the best possible acquisition cost. It takes a finely honed thought process to ensure this happens, and this degree will get you there.

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    Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

    You often hear about successful business moguls that dropped out of school, but many times, that’s not the whole story. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were drop-outs, but they didn’t drop out of a bachelor’s course. They dropped out of their PhD. Which means you need to at least get to this level before you consider quitting school to pursue business.

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    Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management

    Having a talented team can make the difference between a company that’s barely surviving and an organization that is thriving in its field. The more skilled your employees are, the bigger the effort involved in keeping them happy and fulfilled. Become a HR Master to learn how to manage labour resources.

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