Cavendish University Uganda Guild Cabinet (2018-2019)

Israel Lambe Zimanga – The Guild Pesident.

A Congolese by Nationality. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration, banking and finance to be specific. I’m a 3rd year student. And I am the Guild President of Cavendish University Uganda.

A Message From The President

My fellow students, the time has finally come to put our skills to work and contribute positively to the excellence of the university as well as making our time at campus better for all of us. We, therefore, commit to bringing forward more leadership than politics and promise to leave no student behind. Thank you for being part of the C.U.U Family. We remain a part of a young and fast growing institution for which we are determined to write a better history and pave the way for the bright generation. We carry forward this precious gift of core-values prescribed by our University knowing that success begins at Cavendish University.



Olusegun Aransiola – Guild Speaker

He is a future Machine learning developer and Business intelligence architect currently in pursuance of a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He is a great problem solver and critical thinker, which comes in handy when creating software solutions and solving leadership problems. His design philosophy is quality before quantity. He works hard and strives for the highest. He comes from a functional family and is a fierce competitor at trivia games. He is the Guild Speaker.



Mariama Tabally – Vice President

She is a youth activist, gender and child advocate from The Gambia, West Africa. She did both her high school and diploma education in the Gambia before she finally proceeded to Cavendish University Uganda to pursue her bachelor’s in law degree- LLB. Currently she is in her second year and has big dreams of changing the lives of many young people especially young women at her university. She is currently the Vice President of the Guild Office. She enjoys community work and likes to socialize with other people. She hopes to be a great lawyer in future.



Gatluak Daniel Yieh – General Secretary

I am a South Sudanese by nationality. 01th Feb 1993. I love making friends, like conversation and peace maker. I study BBA-PL. I have been a head boy, a General Secretary of Payinjiar universities and colleges Union in Uganda, A General Secretary for Payinjiar Community, a General Secretary of Naath universities and colleges students Union in Uganda , a Speaker, a Nuer students Association at Cavendish University Uganda Chairman. The Cavendish University South Sudan students Association Electoral commission chairman. I am currently the Cavendish University Uganda Guild General Secretary.



Mushayuma Beni – Guild Minister For Campus Affairs.

Mushayuma Beni is an active young Congolese student at CUU. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in BBA/Accounting and Finance. He is the Guild Minister for Campus Affairs. He serves as a leader in CUU-Congolese Assoiation, CUU Debate club, and as the Hult Prize Campus Director.


Beatrice Kamakune – Minister For Foreign Affairs

She is a 24 year old self-motivated, ethical and integral character of Ugandan Origin. She is also a student of International Relations and Diplomatic studies at Cavendish University. She loves to debate for advocacy and to travel. Beatrice is an outspoken young woman the world should watch out for her. She is also the Minister for Foreign Affairs at Cavendish University Uganda.



Lawal AbdurRaheem Maidoki – Minister For Health

I’m a Nigerian by nationality, pursuing a bachelors in Public Health in Cavendish University Uganda. I am in semester four (4), I was born in March 1994 in Sokoto State of Nigeria. I’m also the Minister for Health in the Guild Cabinet 2018/2019.



Nabil Juma Othman – Minister Of Information

I’m Tanzanian by nationality, am pursuing BBA in procurement and logistic, favorite sport is football and swimming, my passion is business and helping people in need. I am the Minister of Information.



Adedeji Abdulhameed Adeolu – Minister Of I.C.T & Innovations

I am the current Guild Minister of I.C.T & Innovations. I hail from Nigeria. I pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering. I’m a critical thinker, analyst and an Opto-pessimist. “Seeing the unforeseen” is my constant motivator. I’m a fan of nerds, scholars, scientists and philosophers. I love and fear only God. After Him, I love nothing, own nothing, and I’m interested in nothing.



Adrine Kitimbo – Minister For Justice

I’m a student of Law in my second year, second semester. I’m passionate about how the principle of fairness and equality are applied within the Cavendish Society. i.e. between fellow students, and between the students and the administration. My goal is to have a safe environment for every student whose rights are well represented.



Kabuika Elie Kabuika – Minister Of Sports

I was born 24th of April, 1993. I am from Congo. I am the Minister of Sports. I’m pursuing a bachelors of Business Administration (Procurement and Logistics) under the Faculty of Business and Management. I’m in my second year, first semester. I love football.



Mugisha Samuel – Deputy Secretary

I’m Rwandan by nationality, student of Cavendish University Uganda, 3rd year 1st semester. Deputy Secretary in Guild cabinet and at the same time I’m president of CUU-Rwanda association. Pursuing a bachelors in business administration (accounting and finance). I like playing football.



Ndikumwami Arsène – Minister Of Culture And Gender

I was born in 1992,he is a Burundian, pursuing BBA-HRM at CUU, he is a God-fearing person, he is an Evangelist, a man of Honesty and Integrity, who inspire others, he is committed and Passionate, honest, always happy, respectful of others, he is confident and disciplined. He was also a trainer for the CUU 2018 Culture Gala winners. He is serving the Guild office currently as the Minister of culture and gender. His always theme is ” My talent my capital ” and his verse of the Bible is in Job 28:28, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.



Ali Soifa Mze El-Anzaoui – The Minister Of Student Fitness And Need

I was born on the 3rd of October, 1996. I’m Comorian by nationality. I want to finish my study of diplomacy because I want to become a minister of affairs in Québec. It is one of my dreams. In sha Allah. I will be. I’m a student of international relations at CUU, 4th semester. I like traveling and do benevolent work. I like policy a lot that I can’t explain and I hope to become an important personality in women affairs in the future. I am the Minister of Student Fitness and Need.



Najmo Hassan Omar – Deputy Minister Of Finance

I am a Somalian by Nationality and currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance and in my 2nd year now. Am serving in the Current Guild Cabinet as the Deputy Minister of Finance.



Manna Joseph Dego – Minister Of Finance

I am from South Sudan. Born on a Friday 18th August, 1987. Achievements: 2007-2019 Diploma Institute of accountants and commerce 2009-2011 Partnership and sub grant officer Mercy corps South Sudan 2011-2016 Grants and compliance coordinator Save the children South Sudan 2017-2018 Minister of Finance CUU guild office “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi.



Hassan Mahamud Mohamed – Minister Of Ethics And Integrity

I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in procurement and logistics, class of 2020. Minister of ethics and integrity, working with the Guild of 2018-2019. Tanzanian by nationality. I am a social person who loves to learn and share my ideas. Cavendish University is my home in Uganda. Believe in unity and you shall excel.



Beryl Joan Atieno – Deputy Guild Speaker

I am a Kenyan by nationality and a proud student of CUU. I am 22 years of age. I joined CUU in August 2017 to pursue a bachelor’s in one of the world’s most interactive and interesting course; Bachelors in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies (BIRDS) and currently am in my second year. My experience pursuing this course at CUU has been so amazing and I have so far gained a lot of practical and social skills that will sure take me places. CUU provides a conducive environment for students to be well equipped for the entrepreneurial world both within and outside the classroom. I am so glad that I chose to study and be part of this world class university. I am the Deputy Guild Speaker.



Namuli Goretti – Minister For Education

I am a Ugandan by Nationality. I pursue a Bachelor’s degree in BBA-HRM at CUU, currently in Semester 5. I am a business woman. I am currently the Guild Minister for Education. I am a Christian.

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