• Is Cavendish University Uganda licensed or accredited?

    Yes, Cavendish University Uganda was licensed in 2008 and is accredited by the National Council for Higher Education to run all the programmes currently offered for study. For details please visit our website on the link:

  • Is Cavendish University Uganda affiliated to any other university?

    No. Cavendish University Uganda is an autonomous University that is accredited to offer recognised degrees and other university qualifications. However, we enjoy a collaborative relationship with sister universities in Africa such as Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) with whom we benchmark and share best practices, also being under common sponsors.

  • Where is the University located?

    The Cavendish University Uganda Main Campus is located at Plot 1469 Ggaba Road, opposite the American Embassy. However, our very popular Faculty of Law is located in Acacia on Bukoto Street.

  • What degree programmes do you offer?

    We offer programmes at the level of Diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in the fields of Law, Public Administration, International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, Journalism, Business Administration, Economics and Statistics, Project Management, Public Health, Environmental Health Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Technology. For details please visit our website on the link: and follow the drop down menu on Programmes, where a full listing of our programmes is displayed.

  • Are the Law and Health Science Programmes duly approved by respective regulatory bodies?

    Yes, both Programmes are duly accredited by NCHE and also approved by the respective professional bodies, the Law Council for the Bachelor of Law programme and the Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC) for Bachelor of Environmental Health Science programme.

  • How many intakes do you have?

    There are 3 intakes: January, May and August of every calendar year, where new students are admitted to the university. Given the competition, it is often helpful to apply early.

  • How many graduations do you have a year?

    We have one graduation a year, usually in the month of March. Graduation related information is published prior to graduation and the latest updates are particularly placed on our website: here.

  • Does Cavendish University offer student housing?

    The University does not own any housing however we have arrangements with properties in the neighbourhood that provide decent and affordable accommodation for our students. For detailed information, contact the Dean of Students’ office or refer to the academic prospectus.

  • What’s the cost of studying at Cavendish University?

    At Cavendish University Uganda, we strive to make the cost of obtaining an education as affordable as possible without compromising quality. This is in line with our university mission which is to provide accessible, high quality, research-driven education that transforms students into responsible, educated, employable, entrepreneurial citizens. Detailed cost information can be found at: Fee Structure

  • Do you offer scholarships/bursaries?

    Yes, we do offer Academic Excellence Scholarships that are attained on academic merit, as well as, other specific criteria. For detailed information, please see: Scholarships & Discounts

  • How can I make payments for tuition and fees?

    We offer flexible payment arrangements that can be done in the bank, online or physically at our university premises through our agent partners. Our staff do not receive payments. For details, please visit our website and Academic Prospectus.

  • I always dreamed about going to university but I only went as far as O-Level. Is there any hope for me?

    Absolutely! If you are a holder of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), you are eligible to enrol into university after having attained a Certificate Programme qualification, such as in Business Administration, Information Technology and Computer Science, from which you would progress into our Diploma and further to one of our Bachelors’ Degree programmes of your choice.

  • Is there any other language of instruction at the university, other than English?

    The only language of instruction is English. Students who have challenges understanding English are offered help in the form of English language courses offered 1 year prior to starting the University programme of their choice. Peer tutors are also available to assist with any challenges throughout the lifetime of the Programme in which the student is enroled.

  • Do you offer language courses?

    No, we do not except English proficiency courses.

  • Do you offer evening and or weekend classes?

    Yes, we do offer evening and weekend classes for Master level qualifications (Post graduate studies) as well as select bachelor programmes under our School of Working Adults Programmes. More information can be found at

  • Do you offer online courses?

    Yes, we do, through our proprietary Distance Learning platform. More information can be found at

    Our Distance Learning has a dynamic and advanced online study platform. We support this by offering tablets (handheld computers) that are loaded with study materials. Studies are also supported through own devices wherever one can access the internet. Examinations are taken from campus together with the other campus-based students, even as there are opportunities for face-to-face class interactions with fellow distance learning students and teaching staff at the start of the academic term, as well as, at the onset of examinations.

  • What are the entry requirements?

    Entry requirements vary depending on what one is registering for, be it certificate, diploma, undergraduate or graduate degree programmes. For detailed information, see admission requirements.

  • Is Cavendish University Uganda involved in any inter-university sports?

    Yes, indeed. Students are involved in a variety of sports engagements within the university students themselves but also with other universities in a variety of sports, for instance, beach soccer, basketball, football, volleyball competitions, among others.

  • How diverse is the student body at the University?

    The Cavendish University family consistently has students from over 20 nationalities, including Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Eritrea, DR Congo, Somalia, and Nigeria, to name but a few.

  • Is Cavendish University Uganda a Chartered Institution?

    Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) is not chartered but was licensed by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in Uganda in 2008 to offer recognised academic programmes leading to award of degree, diploma and certificate qualifications. In Uganda, obtaining a charter is an additional step but not a requirement for recognition of academic qualifications.

    All authorised universities in Uganda, whether public, private chartered or private licensed must submit their academic programmes for accreditation by the NCHE. That is what leads to recognition of those qualifications. Various institutions where CUU graduates go in search of jobs or places for further education simply contact the NCHE about accreditation or recognition of the qualifications and are promptly informed that they are recognised.

    This notwithstanding, CUU has now embarked on a process of obtaining a Civil Charter.

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