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The Faculty of Science and Technology houses The Department of Public Health Sciences which is currently ranked among the best in the country, producing highly innovative graduates who are adequately prepared to serve the community in the areas of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Not to be outdone, our science and technology students have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop large telecommunications and computer systems covering a broad range of scientific and technological applications.

On the whole, the Faculty offers a simplified approach to teaching which stimulates interest in science, engineering and technology careers. Graduates end up with a unique set of skills and new modes of thought that are attractive to employers.

Programmes Offered

Dr. Alone Kimwise

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    Master of Information Technology

    Master of Information Technology (MIT) program is designed on the belief that IT is at the core of every business and that successful organizations must have IT leaders who possess a strong understanding of both technology and essential business and management principles. Read More

    Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

    What does it take to write great code? To create applications that can change the world? Earn your Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Cavendish University Uganda and find out how great applications are written. Study in an environment with state of the art facilities tailored for your growth and gain the tools to succeed in today’s competitive digital world.

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    Bachelor of Environmental Health Science

    Even as we deliver cures for the diseases that exist, the environment is consistently changing. There is need for professionals who know how to respond effectively to deteriorating environmental conditions that affect human health with a view to proposing possible solutions. This allows for longevity and sustainability of the human race.

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    Bachelor of Information Technology

    The world runs on technology, and few things give you a bigger boost in life than acquiring the knowledge to operate this technology. Whether you want to run network systems or become the next Steve Jobs, a degree in IT will point you in the right direction.

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    Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology

    From Internet banking and online shopping, to communications and location-based services, businesses today are now investing in IT as a strategic enabler, relying on the Internet as a business platform.Be part of the innovative digital industry and solve complex problems with a Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology.

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    Master of Public Health

    Doctors save lives, but they can’t do it without administrative support. They need skilled leaders that can design policies and implement strategies which benefit patients as well as medics. They need Public Health experts to do the hard work of managing medicine so that doctors can focus on healing.

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    Bachelor of Public Health

    Doctors know the treatments that heal diseases, and the preventative measures that keep patients healthy. But who helps them with medical policies that keep hospitals open, or strategic planning that gets mobile clinics to remote areas. Public Health Scientists. Study with us and become your favourite doctor’s hero.

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    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Do you have a mathematical mind that can rival calculators? Are you interested in the intricacies of binary and software development? Do you reach for your keyboard with new algorithms that could solve the world’s problems? A computer science degree will grant you the credentials to transfer your inbuilt skills to a whole new generation.

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    Enrol Now for Programmes in Law, IT, Socio Economic Sciences and Business at CUU

    Imoter Tijah | Cavendish Uganda University

    CUU offers affordable tuition, state-of-the-art lecture halls and the serene study environment.

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    Shyka Lwanaga | Cavendish University Uganda

    Education is the only way to transform the world. – Nelson Mandela

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