Cavendish University Uganda Contributes towards Busoga Kingdom’s Majestic Wedding

In an enchanting display of cultural reverence and community spirit, Cavendish University Uganda, a bastion of academic prowess and entrepreneurial zeal, has joined the jubilant festivities surrounding the impending royal union of His Royal Highness King William Gabula Nadiope IV and Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi of the Busoga Kingdom.

Bearing testament to their unwavering dedication to nurturing responsible citizens through the prism of culture, the university proudly announced a gracious contribution of Uganda Shillings 5,000,000 towards the grandeur of the Busoga Royal Wedding slated for November 18, 2023.

“Our hearts swell with honor as we stand in support of the joyous union of HRH King William Gabula Nadiope IV,” exclaimed Prof. John Mugisha, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda. “This grand celebration serves as a splendid canvas for us to paint our profound respect and solidarity with the Busoga Kingdom, embracing and commemorating its rich heritage.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. David Mutabanura, the University’s Executive Director, underscored the pivotal role of culture in fostering unity and nurturing morally astute and industrious citizens, aligning perfectly with the university’s charge of societal advancement.

Graciously received by the Katukiro of Busoga Kingdom, Owek. Dr. Joseph Muvawala, the university’s contribution drew deep appreciation, affirming the enduring relationship between Cavendish University Uganda and the esteemed Busoga Kingdom. Dr. Muvawala praised the university’s unwavering commitment to community engagement and its steadfast dedication to preserving cultural legacies, extending beyond academic realms.

As the waves of celebration and unity sweep across the Busoga Kingdom, Cavendish University Uganda extends warm wishes to HRH King William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV and the entire Busoga community, vowing to stand in alliance with the Kingdom. Through the prism of higher education, the university is poised to collaborate with the kingdom in its noble aspirations of eradicating poverty, ignorance, and disease within its domains.

Witnessed by distinguished personalities including the 2nd Deputy Katukiro of Busoga Kingdom, Owek. Osman Noor Ahmed, and the Chairman of the Central Organising Committee of the Royal Wedding, Eng. Patrick Batumbya, the announcement of this heartfelt contribution radiated an aura of unity and celebration, marking the dawn of a historic occasion.

The university’s generous gesture stands as a testament to its deep-rooted commitment to community prosperity and the celebration of cultural heritage. This contribution resonates with a harmonious blend of academia, tradition, and community upliftment, casting a spotlight on the unwavering spirit of Cavendish University Uganda’s enduring bond with Busoga Kingdom.

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