Uganda’s Music Icon, Jose Chameleon, Graduates with a Bang!

The iconic Ugandan artist, Joseph Mayanja, a.k.a Jose Chameleon, strutted across the stage in graduation robes, Bachelor’s degree in hand. Yes, you heard it right! The man who’s been serenading us with hits like “Mama Rhoda” and “Tatizo” was adding another feather to his cap.

It was a moment of sheer pride and accomplishment when Jose Chameleon joined the ranks of the 12th graduation ceremony at Cavendish University Uganda. The event took place at the splendid Speke Resort Munyonyo on a sunny August 10th, and it was nothing short of a grand celebration.

The man known for his melodious tunes and charismatic stage presence proudly walked away with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy. It’s not every day you see a musical legend donning a graduation cap, but Chameleon is making sure that it’s not just about the beats, it’s about the books too!

The journey began in 2021 when the world was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and partial lockdowns. While many were binging on Netflix, Jose Chameleon had a different idea. He enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy at Cavendish University, proving that no lockdown can lock down his thirst for knowledge.

He once posted on his official Facebook page, “This lockdown period has really given us a lot of time. We, artists, are now making new music because of the time that we have. In fact, I am studying online for a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (BIRDS).” Talk about multitasking at its best!

For those of you who might not know, Jose Chameleon was born on April 30th, 1979, in the vibrant city of Kampala. He’s the fourth of eight children, and his academic journey took him to various schools, including Nakasero Primary School, Mengo SS, Kawempe Muslim SS, Katikamu Seventh Day Adventist SS, and Progressive SS.

But Jose Chameleon’s quest for knowledge didn’t stop there. He set his sights on Cavendish University Uganda, a place where dreams meet determination. When asked about his choice of course, the music sensation emphasized that his ultimate goal was to serve his country and people, not just through melodies but through international relations and diplomacy.

In his own words, he returned to school “to avoid dying illiterate” and for “personal development beyond music and competition.” The degree isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to his unyielding commitment to broaden his horizons.

During a post-graduation interview with the media, Mr. Mayanja expressed his gratitude, saying, “Cavendish University, thank you for providing me and students from different backgrounds and programmes an environment that pushed us beyond our limits.”

At his graduation party, surrounded by his nearest and dearest, he thanked his parents, family, and friends for their unwavering support throughout this academic journey. It’s not just about personal success; it’s about celebrating the community that helped make it happen.

While many artists focus solely on financial success, Jose Chameleon’s dedication to academics and his 2021 appearance on the Kampala Mayor Election ballot prove that he’s not just a musical legend with big dreams; he’s a man on a mission to transform Uganda, one stage and one degree at a time.

So, the next time you listen to “Mama Rhoda” or groove to “Tatizo,” remember that behind the beats and the rhythm is a man who’s proving that music and academics can harmoniously coexist. Jose Chameleon has graduated with a bang, and we can’t wait to see where his unique journey takes him next!

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