Higher Education Certificate

Higher Education Certificate (HEC)

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be expected to be able to: Produce well written work which is well-organized, relevant and makes use of appropriate terminology and academic style. Define, identify, and evaluate ethical versus unethical academic practices. ...…

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Programme Structure

FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY HIGHER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE – PHYSICAL SCIENCES YEAR ONE SEMESTER ONE course code Course Name FOU110 Foundational Mathematics FOU111 Computing Skills FOU112 Communication Skills FOS111 Foundation Physics and Inorganic Chemistry FOS112 Foundation Physics I FOU114 English ...…

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To prepare students for further education To prepare students for entrance into undergraduate degree/diploma programmes and thereby: Introduce students to the culture of higher education and university life. Provide a structured framework to support students to become self-directed learners in ...…

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The current admission requirements to any higher education programme require at least two principal passes at the same sitting for degree programmes and one principal pass and two subsidiaries at the same sitting for a diploma programme. Unfortunately, there is ...…

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