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Master of Security Studies

The proposed programme aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills required to develop professional careers in Security fields. The Security Studies programme covers a complex network of factors that influence relations among nations and the way certain events in one part of the world can have consequences in another especially on peace, stability and security.

Students are introduced to different theories, approaches and concepts as a basis for analyzing and understanding international relations’ issues. Studying Security Studies provides students with great opportunities for careers in various public and private sectors, such as diplomacy, security institutions, research centres, media, social policy development, non-governmental organizations, international trade institutions and businesses, to name but a few.

The programme assists in developing highly sought-after knowledge and skills, such as research and analytical skills, cross-cultural understanding, negotiation and communication skills, which can be applied in many fields.

Security Studies programme aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the complex challenges facing nations. It addresses issues such as evaluation and formulation of national security policy, the way to confront terrorism and political violence, how to maintain stability at the national and international level, and how to avoid war and unrest.

Security Studies prepare students for positions in agencies responsible for national and inter-national security policy, security and intelligence analysis, dealing with terrorism and counter terrorism, political violence and related fields. Graduates of this program could be found / end up in the military, security services and the police, or as policy-makers, action-officers, teachers, researchers, analysts and consultants.

Security Studies are important areas where high-level training is uniquely offered by CUU in Uganda.

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Course Overview

MIR711International Relations Theory
MSS712Security Studies
RSC003Research Methodology and Consultancy
MSS714Forensic Science and National Security
MSS716Criminology and Security
MSS721Human Security and Contemporary Wars
MSS722Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Strategies
MSS723Threat, Risk Analysis and Security Management
MSS724Natural Resources-Conflicts and Contemporary Wars
MSS725Arms Proliferation, Disarmament and Arms Control
MSS810Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Human Rights
MSS811Civil-Military Relations and Security Sector
MSS812International Politics of the Environment and National security
MSS813Geopolitical Studies, Global Peace and Security
MSS814World of Intelligence and Espionage
MSS820Master Project

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The vision of this programme is to be a leading programme in the region offering a distinguished education in Security Issues. The main objective for the programme is to graduate high calibre specialists in Security Studies who have the following specific objectives:

  • Academic knowledge and practical skills in Security Studies, with the ability to meet the needs of the region in these areas
  • Expertise in security studies in order to operate effectively as professionals in both public and private sectors
  • Communication, negotiation and persuasion skills, which enable them to make presentations and construct arguments and articulate rigorous debates in security studies

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Distance Learning Study Mode

Our Distance Learning platform provides a flexible, accessible and cost-effective mode of learning as an alternative to traditional classroom-based learning. This mode of study is suitable for those who have difficulty attending traditional classes for various reasons. It gives one the opportunity to study away from the classroom without interrupting their day to day activities.

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Campus-based Study Mode

As one of the most innovative academic institutions in Uganda, we’re renowned for our accredited programmes, quality education and student-centred way of doing business that creates responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens (REEE).

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Weekend Learning Study Mode

Our Blended Learning for Working Adults are affordable, flexible and convenient. Save money while studying from wherever you are with our in-class and online (blended) learning options. Even more accessible are your learning materials through our state-of-the-art, 3rd generation teaching and learning online platform. You can have it all!

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