Visa Application Process

The Dean of Students (DOS) Office of Cavendish University Uganda manages Student Pass application process. Below is the procedure followed;

The student submits images (well scanned in jpg format and not PDF) of original documents by email to: The documents are;

  • A Valid Student Identity Card,
  • All Pages of Acceptance letter,
  • Fees Ledger/Statement,
  • Current Registration Form,
  • Passport-size photograph,
  • Data Page of the Passport and
  • Visa Page of the Passport.
  • Authenticated Academic Results (only applicable to continuing students)

The Dean of Students Office electronically submits the application to The Department of Immigration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uganda within 24 hours from the time of receiving all the above-listed documents.

The Dean of Students Office receives and forwards a Payment Registration Slip to the applicant/student by email within another 48 hours. No matter the duration applied for, Student Pass fee is US$100. Payment is made through the Bank/Bank Agent and in Uganda Shillings. Note that it is upon receipt of payment that Student Pass approval process begins.

All developments in Student Pass application and approval process are channeled to the applicant/student through the University’s Dean of Students Office by email.

Where Immigration Department causes a request for the applicant/student to physically appear and be examined/interviewed, the Dean of Students Office manages appointment setting and provides company to the student to and from Immigration Department.

Upon approval of the application, the Dean of Students Office alerts the applicant/student by email on when to personally appear at Immigration Office (with Bank Stamped Payment Registration Slip & Receipt plus Passport and student identity documents) to receive the Student Pass.

The applicant/student registers the received Student Pass with the University’s Dean of Students Office for administrative and security purposes.

Note: The entire Student Pass application process takes between one and three months.

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