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Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking & Finance

Everybody wants to be a banker, because they believe that if you spend all that time around money, some of it will rub off on you. Getting into the bank is easy. Making your way to the top of the financial hierarchy needs skill, ambition, and expertise. A Cavendish University Uganda finance degree is an excellent place to start.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year, full time, day, evening and weekend programme. It’s an appropriate goal for students who want to acquire extensive skills in business and management. Students are transformed into graduates with a formidable capacity to solve complex business problems with enormous creativity and innovation.

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Course Overview

BBA113Business Administration
BJC110Communication Skills and Learning Skills for Employability
BIT110Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies
BBA115Financial Accounting
BBA116Basic Statistics
BBA121Cost Accounting and Budgeting
BBA122Quantitative Methods for Business
BAC123Intermediate Accounting
BBA124Principles of Marketing
BBA125Business Law
BBA211Managerial Accounting
BBF211Financial Reporting and Analysis
BBA213Entrepreneurship and e-commerce
BAC215Auditing I
BBA215Human Resource Management
BBA216Operations Management
BBA221Strategic Management
BBA223Taxation I
BBF222Financial Management
BBA224Business Ethics
RSC001Research Methodology
BBF315Corporate and Merchant Banking
BBF316Public finance
BAC316Computerized Accounting I
BBA314Investment Analysis
BBF313Banking Operations
BBF311Banking Technologies and Systems Management
BBA321Auditing II
BBF322Regulatory Framework of Financial Institutions
BBA324Managing Change in Organisations
BBF326International Finance
BSF323Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
BBA326Research Project

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The packaging of the programme is in keeping with Cavendish University Uganda’s devotion to offer “British education with a local touch” – enabling its graduates to be well rounded in shaping their business environments to their unique advantage. Students are empowered to possess integrated skills and knowledge in, inter alia, Accounting, Marketing, Procurement and Logistics Management, Human Resource Management, Business Computing, Commerce, Banking and Finance. Degree classes are scheduled for daytime, evening and weekend programmes to allow students to either further their education while maintaining current employment or study full-time.

The BBA programme is designed to enable the student to:

  • Acquire knowledge of the nature and structure of the modern business organisation, the nature of enterprise, the role of profit and the critical managerial functions that contribute to the total operation of a business.
  • Acquire knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the planning and development of an organisation’s human resources (HR); and how they contribute to organisational objectives and requirements.
  • Understand and discuss the major decisions areas and the important concepts used in financial accounting and management.
  • Internalise the principal concepts, frameworks and techniques of strategic management as a backbone for generating options for strategic business judgment.
  • Acquire sufficient capacity to satisfy strategic planning needs of enterprises to achieve their marketing objectives.
  • Understand micro and macro-economic principles and theories and apply them to solve complex real life situations.

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Distance Learning Study Mode

Our Distance Learning platform provides a flexible, accessible and cost-effective mode of learning as an alternative to traditional classroom-based learning. This mode of study is suitable for those who have difficulty attending traditional classes for various reasons. It gives one the opportunity to study away from the classroom without interrupting their day to day activities.

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Campus-based Study Mode

As one of the most innovative academic institutions in Uganda, we’re renowned for our accredited programmes, quality education and student-centred way of doing business that creates responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens (REEE).

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Weekend Learning Study Mode

Our Blended Learning for Working Adults are affordable, flexible and convenient. Save money while studying from wherever you are with our in-class and online (blended) learning options. Even more accessible are your learning materials through our state-of-the-art, 3rd generation teaching and learning online platform. You can have it all!

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