Susan Makula’s Academic Odyssey: Blending Media Stardom with Higher Education

Susan Makula, the beloved media personality known for her remarkable career journey spanning over 8 years, recently made headlines for an extraordinary achievement – her graduation from Cavendish University Uganda with a Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism.

In a candid conversation, Susan delves into her academic journey, career path, and the invaluable experiences she gained during her time at Cavendish University.

Oscar Amanyangole (OA): Who is Susan Nantaba Bujjingo, commonly known as Susan Makula, and what’s your background?

Susan Makula (SM): I am a proud Ugandan, a born-again Christian, and a media practitioner. My journey into the spotlight began in 2014 when I joined Salt Media Company as a Morning-Show radio program host. However, many people became more acquainted with me in 2017 due to my marriage to the renowned city pastor, Aloysious Bujjingo. I was born in 1985 in Kyebando, Kawempe division, a suburb of Kampala, and I am one of the many children of my father and one of the 11 children of my mother.

OA: Can you tell us about your academic journey?

SM: My academic journey has been a challenging yet fulfilling one. I attended both private and government schools, starting with Kyebando Primary School, then Naalya Secondary School for my O-level education, and finally Katikamu SDA for my A-level studies. However, I had to temporarily pause my academic pursuits when I became a mother. I initially enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce program at Makerere University but had to drop out in my second year due to pregnancy and the birth of my son. The financial constraints and the new responsibility of motherhood made it difficult to continue my studies.

Influenced by the desire to expand my knowledge and serve better in my career, my husband encouraged me to take my studies more seriously. It was this encouragement that led me to enroll at Cavendish University Uganda, where I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism. My journey came full circle after 16 years of my initial enrollment in higher education.

OA: What inspired you to pursue a career in journalism and return to school for formal education?

SM: My journey in journalism began after serving in various roles within the media industry for over 8 years. I had experience as a presenter, content creator, producer, programmer, and even in management positions at different media houses, including Alpha FM, Salt Radio, and Salt Television. However, I realized that to excel in my career, I needed to complement my experience with professional knowledge and skills.

Journalism, with its focus on communication and the ability to acquire and utilize knowledge effectively, was the perfect choice for me. In today’s world, where information is everywhere, proper training and experience are vital for presenting and interpreting this daily influx of information. Knowledge is paramount, and the proper training can only be acquired through formal education.

OA: Why did you choose Cavendish University for your studies, and what was your experience there?

SM: The decision to choose Cavendish University was influenced by my interactions with internship students and journalists from various institutions during my years in the media industry. These interactions guided me in selecting a university that could best cater to my needs.

Cavendish University emerged as the ideal choice for me due to its flexibility and student-centered approach to education. With a hectic schedule, family responsibilities, and work commitments, I needed a university that could accommodate my unique circumstances. Cavendish’s diverse learning programs, particularly the Long-Distance Learning option, proved to be a perfect fit for my life.

OA: How did you balance your work and studies while at Cavendish?

SM: Balancing work and studies was made feasible at Cavendish University, thanks to its Long-Distance Learning program. This mode of learning allowed me to receive study materials and progress at my own pace. Many may assume that online learning lacks the interaction and connection found in traditional classrooms, but Long-Distance Learning at Cavendish is an exception.

It offers a two-way connection, allowing for meaningful interaction between lecturers and students. This flexibility was crucial for someone with a busy work and family schedule like mine.

OA: What advice do you have for fellow socialites or individuals who may have paused their academic journey or are considering returning to school?

SM: I would like to encourage everyone, especially those who may have paused their education due to various reasons, to consider resuming their academic journey. Many people may have been sidetracked by their social lives, careers, or financial constraints. However, it’s important to remember that your dreams and career aspirations should not be overshadowed by social life.

It’s never too late or too challenging to enhance your knowledge and further your education. Whether it’s pursuing a promotion or improving your career, always focus on self-improvement. Regardless of when you complete your studies, the key takeaway is that you achieved your goal. Education is an asset and no matter what you end up doing, knowledge is king!

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