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Library Rules and Regulations

  1. For anyone who fails to return a borrowed item before or on the due date, a fine of 1,500 Uganda Shillings per extra will be charged.
    1. For those who fail to return a library item after two (2) months even after being reminded, the total cost of the item will have to be paid by the defaulter.
    2. Failure to return the item after two (2) months without paying the cost of the item will lead to involvement of the Head of Finance for action and the will be regarded as a defaulter.
  2. All mobile phones and other electronics should be switched off or at least put in silent mode as the loud noise that comes from them disrupts the peace and tranquility in the library.
    1. For failure to respond to warnings from library personnel to mute, silent or switch off one’s devises, the defaulter’s devise will be confiscated and will only be given back after he or she pays 5,000/-.
    2. Persistence of this vice will call for suspension from using the library services for a week. A written apology from the culprit will be expected on return of the individual.
    3. For very stubborn and emotional clients, the university security should be called upon to intervene.
    4. Librarians are called upon to be extra vigilant and to exhibit control measures to discourage this vice.
  3. All types of noise making and disruptions of the peace of other users are punishable through warning, reprimand and suspension from library use depending on the nature, intensity, frequency and magnitude of the problem. Librarians on duty shall ensure that this anomaly stops. The use of university security guards on duty can be called upon if stubborn noise making clients refuse to leave the library premises or its surroundings.
  4. Book mishandling, vandalism and abuse is forbidden.
    1. Whoever is found guilty of this offense should be warned if the nature of the case is not big.
    2. For big damages made on a book/ journal/ periodical among others, the culprit should replace the item in question by making payment of its price or purchasing a new item.
    3. A fee of 5,000/- should be paid by the culprit per damaged book to cater for processing costs incurred by the university for repairs.
  5. No one is expected to use another person’s Identity Card to access and use the library and its resources.
  6. All persons intending to use the library and its resources should register with the library. For CUU staff and students, their identity cards will act as their library cards. Individual’s accounts will be created and they will be required to pass by the library to have their passwords verified.
  7. The librarians can recall any library item even before its return date.
  8. Neither eats nor drinks are allowed in the library.
  9. No bags are allowed in the library. Bags are left on the bags shelf at the library entrance.
  10. No library personnel is responsible for any losses or damages of library users’ property. It is the responsibility of the library users to take care ad charge of their property while using the library and its resources.
  11. Removal or dismounting of library property like labels and computers is highly disregarded.

Library Sections

  • Open Shelves
    Houses a majority of the library collection, access is without any restrictions and anyone can walk to the shelves and locate whatever could be of interest to them.
  • Reserve Section
    Has items that are few in number (copies) yet on high demand. They are usually accessed with the help of the librarian who gets the item of interest for the user who needs it.
  • Reference Section
    This section has items that can be referred to from within the library e.g dictionaries, dissertations, handbooks and theses that don’t leave the library.
  • Novels Section
    This section contains novels that users can read or borrow to enhance their writing styles and improve upon their communication skills.
  • Archive Section
    This section has outdated but important historical books that users can refer to for their research and learning needs.
  • Newspaper Section Houses dailies (Daily Monitor & New Vision) and read from within the library. These shouldn’t leave the library premises.

NB: There’s a provision for accessing E-Newspapers and details on how one can access them can be obtained from the different library personnel.

Undergraduate Students3 Items1 week1 DayNo Loan Accepted
Postgraduate Students3 Items1 Week1 DayNo Loan Accepted
CUU Staff3 Items2 Weeks3 Days1 Day

Loan Renewal

CUU library users can renewal borrowed items through the Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for themselves by logging into their Library Management Information System KOHA accounts and following the steps therein. Otherwise, they can simply come to the issue desk and request for the loan duration of the items that they have with them to be extended. However, item renewals can only be done if the item has no hold placed on it.

Item Holds

Holds are placed on items that are checked out so that the person who places the hold can borrow the item once it is returned. It is more like booking the item so as to be the next user once it is returned.

Circulation Rules

These are principles/rules followed before, during and after circulation:-

One should be a registered CUU student/staff with valid university identification presented to library staff before one is able to borrow an item from the CUU library.

Reference items like dissertations are not for loan and don’t leave the library.

All CUU library users are liable to fines once they turn out to be defaulters.

All the different user categories have different loan durations.

Checked out items can be recalled back by the library personnel.

The loan duration of items that aren’t on hold may be renewed.

CUU library users are free to access and use resources at the different library branches if they have the requirements needed.

No clearance will be done for any library user who still has a debt with the library.

Defaulters will always be reminded to return due items to the library. Failure to return these items will lead to an assumption that they’re lost and therefore the defaulter will have to pay fines and the item replacement fee.

Library users who borrow items are expected to take responsibility of these items and return them to the library in good condition.

Item Check – In Or Return

Library items have to be returned to the library staff at the issue desk before or on the due date that is stamped on the due date stickers at the back of the borrowed item.

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