Library Membership/Resources/Access

Library Units

The Acquisitions Unit

This unit is responsible for the identification, selection, ordering and purchase of the information resources that are thought t be vital for the library users.

The User Services Unit

This is the unit responsible for ensuring a conducive environment for all library users. It is also responsible for ensuring that there’s tranquility and that the user expectations are satisfied.

The Technical Services Unit

Processing (classifying, cataloguing) of newly acquired items, ensuring proper data entry into the database, labeling, shelving are the responsibility of this unit. It is also responsible for ensuring that the library equipment is fully functional.

CUU Library Functions/Roles

  • Ensuring that the Internet connection in the library is good so as to enable library users to access and use the available E-Resources.
  • Carrying out information literacy trainings with CUU staff and students to enlighten them on how to access, retrieve and use the available resources for their reading and research.
  • Provision of both print and electronic information resources to support research in CUU.
  • Ensuring a conducive library environment that enables user concentration and peace of mind.
  • Ensuring maximum use of library information resources through resource sharing, Current Awareness Services (CAS), Document Delivery Service among others.
  • Having an updated and informative website and other communication channels through which information resources can be obtained with ease.

Library Vision

To be a professionals’ hub for enhanced research, learning, creativity and academic excellence.

Library Mission

To bring out one’s intellectual creativity and through the provision of meaningful information resources and services.

Library Slogan

CUU Lib: “For Inarguable & Lifelong Intellectuality.”

Library Values

CUU libraries are committed to:-

  • Intellectual excellence
  • Client service
  • Information access
  • Creativity
  • Library staff and client collaboration

Library Membership

Categories of people who can access the Cavendish library resources and services include;

  • University Council Members and the Board
  • Administrative and Academic Staff (Contract, part-time and full-time)
  • Registered Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
  • CUU Alumni (Those who have once studied from CUU)
  • Visitors upon obtaining authorization/a Day Pass (valid for a day)

Services Access

  • Staff and students are required to present a valid CUU ID to the library security personnel before accessing the library, its resources and services.
  • Visitors are expected to obtain day passes from the library personnel before accessing the different library resources.
  • Library staff have the right to stop anyone from accessing the library premises and resources should they have a conviction that the person in question could compromise the safety and stability of the library, its resources and users.
  • All library users are expected to stick and abide by the set library rules and regulations. These rules are explained here.

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