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The rule of law keeps the world from tearing apart at its seams, and that means our legal brethren have a huge responsibility. They are the defenders of constitutions, the champions of the abused, the warriors of our modern way of life. Join the ranks of our dear learned friends at Cavendish University Uganda.

The LLB is a four year Programme designed to introduce students to different legal perspectives, thus creating awareness of the different constitutional aspects which will stimulate students’ ability to translate legal theory into concrete actions within the context of their profession.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Programme has been designed to achieve the following aims and objectives:

  • To have well-grounded students in the evolution of Law, its basic principles, and operation at various levels;
  • To enable students to analyse the Law and its interaction with other fields;
  • To ensure that students are capable of using the Law as a means of solving real societal and individual problems and as a tool for socio-economic development;
  • To prepare students to practice Law locally and internationally as advocates, solicitors, barristers and leaders, among others, where training in Law is a prerequisite for work or an added advantage;
  • To train students to become committed to safeguarding the honour of the legal profession in all their undertakings and in their legal practice,
  • To prepare students to contribute to the development of legal knowledge and its role in the promotion of sustainable development generally.

Programme structure

year one

semester one
course code Course Name
LLB 111 Introducing law
LLB 112 Constitutional History
LLB 113 Criminal Law I
LLB 114 Law of Contract I
LLB 115 Administrative Law
semester two
course code Course Name
LLB 121 Legal Methods
LLB 122 Constitutional Law
LLB 123 Criminal Law II
LLB 124 Law of Contract II
LLB 125 Law & Development

year two

semester one
course code Course Name
LLB 211 Family Law I
LLB 212 Land Law I
LLB 213 Evidence Law I
LLB 214 Nature and History of Torts
LLB 215 Equity and Trusts
semester two
course code Course Name
LLB 221 Family Law II
LLB 222 Land Law II
LLB 223 Evidence Law I
LLB 224 Negligence & Strict Liability
LLB 225 Social Research 1

year three

semester one
course code Course Name
LLB 312 Business Associations I
LLB 313 Jurisprudence I
LLB 314 Sale of Goods
LLB 315 Law of Banking
LLB 311 Criminal Procedure
semester two
course code Course Name
LLB 321 P International Trade
LLB 322 JurisprudenceII60
LLB 323 Business AssociationsII
LLB 324 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LLB 325 Computers and the Law
LLB 326 Environmental Law
LLB 327 Insurance Law

year Four

semester one
course code Course Name
LLB 411 Civil Procedure I (Core)
LIB 413 International Law I (Core)
Electives (Choose any 3 courses)
LLB 412 Revenue and Taxation Law I
LLB 414 Labour Law I
LLB 415 Insolvency Law
LLB 416 Intellectual Property Law I
LLB 417 International & Regional Human Rights Law
LLB 418 Criminology & Penology
semester two
LLB 421 Civil Procedure II (Core)
LLB 423 Research Paper (Core)
LLB 424 International Law II (Core)
Electives (Choose any 2 courses)
LLB 422 Revenue Law and Taxation II
LLB 425 International Humanitarian Law
LLB 426 Intellectual Property II
LLB 427 Human Rights in Domestic Perspective
LLB 428 Natural Resources Law
LLB 429 Investment Law
LLB 4210 Research Paper

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Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law