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CUU Students Offered Amani Fellowships

As part of the University’s commitment towards transforming and inspiring students to reach their full potential in employment, entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership, Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) through the Careers & Employability Office has embarked on finding opportunities for internships, fellowships, part-time jobs and volunteer services for students. These jobs may or may not have a direct relationship to the degree, but they must involve undertaking work that would be typical of a graduate-level job. 

It is on this basis that CUU students were offered fellowships by Amani Partners. The fellowship programme solidified the partnership between Cavendish University Uganda and Amani Partners.


The fellowship is a learning opportunity aimed at attracting talented young men and women who are strongly motivated to develop leadership talent in the industry of investment management, and corporate advisory.

Out of a pool of 87 students who applied for the fellowship, only two students were selected from the Faculty of Business and Management. These include; Carol Namagembe who is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration-Accounting and Finance and Ayella Anthony, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration- Procurement and Logistics. The fellows started their training on March 9, 2022.

Carol Namagembe, BBA – Accounting and Finance student

Ayella Anthony, BBA – Procurement and Logistics student

The fellowship offers selected students, enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate degree programmes or recent graduates, with the opportunity to supplement their academic knowledge with practical work experience in a field related to business and investment finance and will run for a duration of 6 months annually.

The aim of the fellowship is to provide an avenue for hands-on, practical learning to students in the fields of investment finance, management, and project management. By the end of the fellowship, the fellows will gain valuable hands-on experience and exposure in investment finance and advisory fields and will exit the programme with unique international work experience in an emerging market which can translate to opportunities for future positions in investment finance, impact investing, and related fields locally and internationally.

The fellows will be immersed in the knowledge and practice of all that it means to work in the fields of emerging market corporate and investment finance. This will include and not limited to project management, accounting, business communications/presentations, business writing, coaching and mentoring firms with technical assistance, understanding the mechanics of governance, and inner workings of the firm, among many other areas underlying the world of emerging market corporate and investment finance.

Congratulations to Carol Namagembe and Ayella Anthony on this opportunity; we wish them all the best!

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