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Cavendish University Uganda Law Students visit the Supreme Court for a Criminal Law Session

A group of Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) Faculty of Law students visited the Supreme Court (SC) of Uganda for a criminal law session on Thursday, 16th September 2021. They were tried by a full bench of five (5) Justices of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court of Uganda is the highest judicial organ in Uganda. It is headed by the Chief Justice and has ten other justices. In a criminal or a civil appeal, only five justices are required for a quorum. The court sits eight sessions a year with a break of two weeks between sessions to conduct research and write judgments. It has the power to uphold, reverse, substitute its judgment, or order a new trial when hearing an appeal from a lower court.

The students were led by Mr. Emmanuel Muwonge, their lecturer at the Faculty of Law, who is also the patron and founder of the Cavendish University Rotaract Club. The team met with Hon. Justice Mike Chibita and had a photoshoot moment. Justice Chibita is also the patron of the Cavendish Law Society (CLS).

The visit was in line with CUU Law faculty’s emphasis of the practical aspect of studying, where students are exposed to the practical side of the law, an element that is true to Cavendish University’s mission to transform and inspire students to reach their full potential in employment, entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership.

To the students, this was an invaluable and permanent experience and memory that none of them will ever forget.