Graduation in:


Career objective

The objectives of the BIT Programme are to:

  • Expose the student to the fundamental knowledge regarding technical concepts and practices in Information Technology (IT)
  • Train the student in fundamental areas of Information Technology along with in-depth understanding in a particular area of interest
  • Train the student in critical thinking and problem solving skills coupled with the ability to analyse the impact of technology on individuals, organizations and society including ethical, legal and public policy issues.
  • Prepare the student for team collaboration to accomplish common goals
  • Equip the student with skills to be able to communicate efficiently with both technical and nontechnical
  • Impart skills that enable the student to identify and evaluate current and emerging technologies and assess their applicability in addressing the users’ needs
  • Train the student in date inference, rational decision making on the basis of that information while ensuring data integrity and privacy
  • Prepare the student for graduate studies in information security, information systems, telecommunications, and other related Information Technology areas.

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