Higher Education Certificate Programme Requirements

The general requirements are;

  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education with at least two subsidiary passes or its equivalent. At least one of the subsidiary pass shall be from a principal subject. For avoidance of doubt, a holder of UACE with only one principal pass shall be deemed to meet the admission requirements.
  • Vocational Qualifications at level 2 or 3 of the Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework or its equivalent.
  • Qualifications equivalent to Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) as shall be determined by the National Council in consultation with the Uganda National Examinations Board.
  • An ordinary certificate from an institution recognized by NCHE.
  • Students whose foreign secondary school qualifications are not considered equivalent to UACE but permit admission into Higher Education in the foreign country. Such students shall have passed at least five subjects with a minimum overall grade of C (equivalently a Ugandan grade 5). In addition, foreign students whose studies were not conducted in English shall show proof of proficiency in the English Language. The English proficiency centers shall be accredited by NCHE.

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