CUU Deputy Vice Chancellor Moderates Speaker Session on AI & ChatGPT: Considerations for HEIs in sub-Saharan Africa.

Under the umbrella of The Education Collaborative, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda- Dr Olive Sabiiti was, on 30th March 2023 among expert panellists from higher-ed institutions in sub-Saharan Africa who came together to discuss views on how to respond to the advent of AI & ChatGPT in the classroom. Other panellists included; Dr Oscar Correia, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Cavendish University, Zambia and and Dr Giju Paul, Academic Registrar, ISBAT University.

During the speaker session, participants engaged in discussions to explore actions, policies and practices that higher-ed institutions in sub-Saharan Africa are implementing within their unique contexts to embrace and manage the use of AI with considerations for academic integrity.

The session sought to answer many questions on AI that higher-ed institutions were grappling with, among which were;

  • What are AI and ChatGPT, and what are their capabilities?
  • What practical ways can educators integrate AI and ChatGPT into their teaching practice while ensuring they complement, rather than replace, traditional teaching methods?
  • What considerations can institutions put in place in their unique contexts to embrace and yet manage the use of AI with concerns for academic integrity?
  • What role do you see AI playing in the future of higher education in sub-Saharan Africa, and how can institutions best prepare for this future?

Over 200 participants engaged in the discussion including educators and industry professionals across sub-Saharan Africa.

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