Cavendish University Uganda Co-organises Track at 2023 June Convening of The Education Collaborative

In collaboration with The Education Collaborative, Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) co-organized the Faculty Development and Research Track at the 2023 June Convening held from June 13 – 16 in Accra, Ghana.

The convening provided a unique opportunity for stakeholders in African higher education to consolidate learnings and share insights from the past two convenings under the theme; “Building Capacity of Higher-Ed Institutions in Africa to Improve Student Outcomes.”

For the past two years, the June Convening has focused on building the capacity of institutions through training workshops, informative talks, mentorship, sharing of proven models and grants opportunities specifically tailored for the exploration and testing of innovative models.

The Faculty Development and Research track was the most recent and innovative initiative formally launched in 2023. Its main focus was on implementing strategies that will shape faculty development for the future. Leaders of this track were Dr. Olive Sabiiti, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda, and Dr. Peace Chinwe, a lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Assisting them were other members of the CUU team, including Dr. Faith Ahabyoona, the Dean of the Faculty of Business & Management, Prof. Olomola Omolade, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Mr. Bernard Ochan, the Careers & Employability Officer.

During the Plenary, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Mugisha, delivered a powerful closing keynote speech on “Strategic Faculty Development for Improving Graduate Outcomes”. This was after an exciting opening keynote speech on Pan-Africanism and Higher Education by Prof. PLO Lumumba. The CUU team, consisting of 10 members, was led by the executive leaders, including the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Mugisha, the Executive Director, Mr. David Mutabanura, and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Olive Sabiiti. Additionally, faculty deans and other select administrators played crucial roles in the success of the track.


Highlights of the 2023 June Convening

2023 Convening recorded the highest attendance since the inception of June Convenings with 231 in-person attendees from 90 institutions, from 17 countries and 82% of the countries represented were African.

4 institutions co-organized tracks namely, (Cavendish University Uganda on Faculty Development and Research, Pan-Atlantic University on Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, United States International University-Africa on Ethics and Leadership and University of Cape Coast on Careers and Employability), while 72 speakers and facilitators led 32 main sessions.

Cavendish University was named among the top five institutions, alongside Ashesi University, University of Cape Coast, University of Ghana, and Kepler College.

Cavendish University was also selected to host the 02nd East Africa Regional Hub Convening of The Education Collaborative to be held in October from 05th – 06th in Kampala, Uganda.

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Videos: Highlight Video Prof. PLO Lumumba’s Keynote Speech on Pan- Africanism

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