South Sudan Tops 2023 CUU Intercountry Sports Tournament

The Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) Intercountry Sports Gala was held from April 24th to May 1st, and it was a thrilling event that saw several teams from different countries participate. The teams that took part in the tournament included; Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC, South Sudan, Liberia, Somalia, Gambia, Comoros, Eritrea, and Burundi.

After several intense matches, Liberia and South Sudan emerged as the finalists, and the game was a nail-biting experience for everyone. In the end, South Sudan emerged victorious, winning in penalties with a score of 8-7.

The 2023 champion of the CUU Intercountry sports tournament was South Sudan, with Liberia coming in as the first runners-up. The second runners-up were the team consisting of Gambia, Comoros, Eritrea, and Burundi, while Nigeria came in fourth.

In attendance was the Dean of Students, Mr. Medard Nabaasa, the Sports Coordinator who also doubles as the Academic Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Ofoyuru, the 14th Guild cabinet led by their President, Mr. Ssekawu Barnabas, among other guests.

Overall, the tournament was a great success, and it showcased the incredible talent and sportsmanship of the participating teams. We look forward to seeing more exciting matches in the future!

Congratulations to South Sudan!

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