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Master of Business Administration - Management

Every good business begins with a seed that cropped up in an ambitious mind. That seed was nurtured, fed, and watered, until it grew into a powerful business tree.  Many business-people learned through painful mistakes and disastrous experiences, but you don’t have to. Get a leg up with a Master of Business Administration.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a generalist taught Master’s qualification in Business that develops the skills, competencies and knowledge required by the industry as necessary for successful strategic business management within a global economy.

The programme will improve students’ ability to translate business knowledge into concrete actions suitable for the business environment

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

The MBA seeks to develop students into leaders ready to tackle the challenges of today's global business environment. This is accomplished through the following learning goals and objectives:

  • To Integrate experience and experiential learning
  • To analyse social, legal and ethical responsibilities of organizations and society of global business practice.
  • To demonstrate ability of employing effective cross cultural communication and commonalities of global environment on business
  • To develop Strategic and innovative thinking skills to enable effective decision-making and problem solving
  • To integrate functional business knowledge of marketing, operations, information technology, finance, accounting, statistics and quantitative analysis

Programme structure

Stage 1Term 1
Course CodeCourse Name
MBA 710 Management Theory and Practice
MBA 711 Financial Management
MBA712 Marketing Management
MBA 713 Managing Operations and Projects
MBA 714 Management Research: Presentations and Projects
Stage 1Term 2
Course CodeCourse Name
MBA 720 Human Resource Planning and Development
MBA 721 Strategic Management
MBA 722 Quality and Systems Management
MBA 723 Managing Change in Organisations
RSC 002 Research Methodology
Stage 2Term 1
Course CodeCourse Name
MBA 810 International Business
MBA 811 Quantitative Methods
MBA 812 Entrepreneurship and Business Law
MBA 813 Business Ethics
MBA 814 Management Consultancy/ Management Information Science
Stage 2Term 2
Course CodeCourse Name
MBA820 Dissertation/ Project

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Faculty of Business and Management

Faculty of Business and Management

Faculty of Business and Management