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Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies

Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies.

International Relations (IR) is an academic discipline that attempts to explain the politics, nature, scope and systems of the world. It represents the study and interaction of activities that make up the basis of foreign affairs among states and non-state actors. This Programme provides a theoretical perspective and conceptual framework upon which IR can be analysed and predicted. The Masters programme takes 2 years.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

To equip students to accurately identify the major theories and dominant paradigms used in the study of international relations, diplomatic studies and foreign policy analysis

To create awareness of the critical issues that underpin international relations and diplomatic practice thereby churning out graduates with the appropriate language and awareness of the key debates that shape international life, in its history, currency and its future possibilities.

To enable students to identify the major actors in the international system and understand the levels of analysis

To give students the ability to identify and describe major processes in the international system including globalization, politics of intervention, complex emergencies, peace and conflict.

Programme structure

Stage 1 Term1
course code Course Name
MIR 711 Theories of International Relations
MIR 712 International Law
MSS 713 Security Studies
MIR 714 International Humanitarian Law
MIR 715 Democracy and Human Rights
Stage 1 Term2
course code Course Name
MIR 721 Africa in International Relations
MIR 722 Foreign Policy Analysis
RSC 002 Research Methodology
MIR 723 International Organizations
MIR 724 International Political Economy
Stage 2 Term 1
course code Course Name
MIR 811 International Politics of the Environment
MIR 812 The Politics of Intervention
MIR 813 Complex Emergencies in the Global Arena
MIR 814 Theory and Practice of Modern Diplomacy
MIR 815 Conflict and Peace Studies
Stage 3 MIR 816 Dissertation

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