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Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology

From Internet banking and online shopping, to communications and location-based services, businesses today are now investing in IT as a strategic enabler, relying on the Internet as a business platform.Be part of the innovative digital industry and solve complex problems with a Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology.

The Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology provides students with a strong foundation in developing robust application systems for businesses, computer assembly repair and maintenance; and website design. Students are equipped with essential knowledge about Information Systems processes and provided with the technical skills required to harness the power of information and Internet technologies.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

The following are the objectives of the Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology:

  • To educate and train students in the fundamentals of Computer Science and Information Technology in order to analyse and solve computing problems
  • To build the capacity with practical orientation needed to link the Computing sector with Government and Industry under the broader perspective of Information and Communication Technology
  • To prepare professionals with knowledge in ethical and legal issues as well as the interpersonal skills required to effectively promote ideas, goals, or products
  • To prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to pursue further studies in Computer Science, Information Technology and other related disciplines
  • To equip students with the technical skills required to design, troubleshoot and maintain computer networks and hardware
  • To impart practical skills to students in database, computer programming and web technology principles

Programme structure

Year 1

Semester 1
course code Course Name
DCS111 Fundamentals of Mathematics
DIT110 Fundamentals of Information Technology
DIT112 Computer applications
DIT113 Gender and ICT
BJM111 Communication Skills
Semester 2
course code Course Name
DCS 121 Computer Architecture & Organization
DCS 122 Programming Principles
DCS 123 Introduction to Operating Systems
DIT121 Database Systems
DIT122 Internet Technology and Web design
DIT 213 Internship

Year 2

Semester 1
course code Course Name
DCS 211 Computer Assembly, Repair & Maintenance
DIT 211 Research Methodology in Computer
DIT 212 System Analysis & Design
DIT 213 Dynamic Website Development
DCS 212 Computational Mathematics
DCS 213 Object-Oriented Programming
DIT 214 Information System Management
DIT 215 E-Commerce
Semester Two
course code Course Name
DCS 223 Graduation Project
DIT 221 Professional Issues in Computing
DIT 222 PC Network and data Communication
AGM 214 Entrepreneurship & small Business Management
DCS 221 Graphic User Interface
DCS 222 Application Development (VB,
DIT 223 Information Storage & Retrieval
DIT 224 Introduction to Multimedia Systems

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