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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Do you have a mathematical mind that can rival calculators? Are you interested in the intricacies of binary and software development? Do you reach for your keyboard with new algorithms that could solve the world’s problems? A computer science degree will grant you the credentials to transfer your inbuilt skills to a whole new generation.

Computer Science is one of the areas of computing that includes Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering. This Programme is designed to give students a strong background in the fundamentals of mathematics and computer science, thus preparing them for proficiency in designing, writing and developing computer programs.

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Cavendish Uganda

Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty of Science & Technology

Faculty of Science & Technology

Course Overview

Career objective

The following are the objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science:

  • To educate and train students in the fundamentals of computer science and mathematics in order to analyze and solve computing problems.
  • To train professionals with Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving skills in the Theoretical Foundations of computer science.
  • To build capacity with the practical orientation needed to link the Computer Science sector with Government and Industry under the broader perspective of Information and Communication Technology.
  • To impart practical skills to students in modeling, simulation, and computational problem solving using appropriate theoretical and experimental methods, so as to produce reliable and secure systems.
  • To prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to do advanced studies and research in computer science and related engineering and scientific disciplines.

Programme structure

year one

Semester One
course code Course Name
COM 111 Mathematics for Computing
COM 112 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
COM 113 Computer Architecture & Organization
BIT 111 Introduction to Information Communication and Technology
BJC 110 Communication Skills
semester Two
course code Course Name
COM 121 Linear Programming
COM 122 Principles of Programming
COM 123 Numerical Analysis and Computation
BIT 121 Introduction to Database Systems
BIT 122 Internet Technology and Web design

year Two

Semester One
course code Course Name
COM 211 Object Oriented Programming
COM 212 Data Structures and Algorithm
COM 213 Emerging Trends in Computer Science
BIT 211 Database Development and Management
BIT 212 System Analysis and Design
BIT 214 Computer Networks and Data Communications
semester Two
course code Course Name
COM 221 Operating Systems
COM 222 Software Engineering Principles
COM 223 Object-Oriented Systems Modeling
COM 224 Application Development
BIT 222 Research Methodology in Computing
BIT 223 Computer Maintenance and Repair
BIT 220 Industrial Training/Internship

year three

Semester One
course code Course Name
COM 311 Compiler Design
COM 312 Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
COM 313 Computer Graphics
BIT 311 ICT Project Planning and Management
BIT 314 Network Configuration & Management
COM 314 Geographical Information Systems
BCE 310 Human computer interaction
semester Two
course code Course Name
COM 321 Simulation & Modeling
COM 322 Analysis and Design of Algorithm
COM 324 Graduation Project
BIT 321 Professional issues in Computing
BIT 324 Network and Information Security
COM 323 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
BIT 323 Mobile Application Development

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