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Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

Some people are born diplomats. They can resolve any crisis and charm their way out of any tight situation. Fortunately, these are skills that can be acquired. Learn the silver art of international persuasion and open the door to a global career.

Political and economic problems today invariably transcend national and international boundaries yet the dynamics of the contemporary international environment, its complexity and interconnectedness, presents an array of challenges for policy analysts, decision makers and scholars alike.
The Programme is intended to elucidate the role of cooperation, collaboration, foreign policy, international law and diplomacy among others as the main vehicles for systematically addressing the broad cluster of issues that affect the entire world and in particular, the most troubled hotspots, with regional consequences.
The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies (BIRDS) is a 3 year-long, full-time undergraduate course of study. It is a multi-disciplinary programme which has been designed for those engaged in, or planning to embark upon, a professional career requiring international expertise in government, non-profit, corporate or academic environments.
It equips students with the knowledge, skills, competencies and exposure they need in order to pursue a life in government, business and journalism and at international organizations and law firms, or to continue with graduate studies in political science and international relations.
The programme covers the fields of international politics, international economy, international law, comparative politics, diplomatic history, as well as diplomatic theory and practice.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

  • To provide an in-depth understanding of the core theories and perspectives underpinning international relations
  • To develop a clear and thorough knowledge of the political, social, economic, historical, and cultural contexts of the international system and its institutions shaping world affairs.
  • To equip candidates with skills necessary to address the concerns of public and private institutions that deal with: Diplomacy, Peace Studies, Security Studies, International Law, International Relations, Conflict Management, International Economics and Development Studies.

Programme structure

IRDS112 Introduction to Diplomacy
IRDS111 Introduction to International Relations
IRDS113 Negotiations and Mediation
BJC110 Communication Skills and Learning Skills for Employability
BIT110 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies
IRDS114 Protocol and Etiquette
IRDS127 Conflict Resolution
IRDS122 Government and Politics in Africa
IRDS128 The United Nations Systems
IRDS124 International Law
IRDS125 International Political Economy
IRDS129 Terrorism and Related Global Issues
IRDS211 Africa and International Relations
IRDS212 Conflict and Peace Studies
IRDS213 Public Administration and Management
IRDS214 Gender and International Relations
IRDS215 Regional Integration and Globalization
IRDS216 International Investment, Trade and Business Management
IRDS227 Advanced Theory of Diplomacy
IRDS222 Foreign Policy Analysis
IRDS223 Comparative Political Systems
IRDS224 International Politics of the Environment
IRDS228 Research Methods in International Relations
IRDS225 Conflict Resolution, Management and Transformation
IRDS226 Internship (During Recess)
IRDS311 Security Studies
IRDS312 Displaced Person and Forced Migration studies
IRDS313 International Justice Mechanisms and International Criminal Justice
IRDS314 International Politics, Media and Conflict
IRDS315 International Development
IRDS316 Global Geopolitical Analysis
IRDS317 Civil Military Relations
IRDS321 Ethics in International Relations
IRDS322 Africa and Contemporary International Security
IRDS323 Strategic Intelligence, Modern Warfare and Human Rights
IRDS324 Cyber Security and International Security
IRDS325 International Public Relations and Strategic Communication
IRDS326 Research Project

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