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Cavendish University Uganda Launches Week of Wonder

The CUU Week of Wonder (WOW) is the official beginning of one’s experience as a Cavendish Student. All new students join together in the days leading to the start of their journey at Cavendish!

About the Cavendish Week of Wonder (WOW)

WOW is a dynamic collection of activities, events, and programmes to engage new students with campus life, university facilities, and was designed to provide opportunities for friendships, deeper connections, and an exciting start to their Cavendish story!

During the WOW series of events new students are;

  • Introduced to other freshers and continuing students as a means of forming new friendships
  • Connect with other students through a wide range of interactive events and intentional conversations
  • Participate in a variety of fun and exciting activities 
  • Discover how to get involved in CUU activities
  • Get the scoop on how to navigate the college experience 
  • Get Career Guidance tips from Advisors on how to succeed academically at CUU


The CUU Week of Wonder experience for new students of the 2022 January Intake began on 04th February 2022 with a day of sightseeing at various sites, monuments, and landmarks around Kampala City. Local and International new students were all invited to join in on the fun.

Several sites were visited, including; National Theatre, Parliament, Independence monument, Hindu temple/SDM temple, Idi Amin execution point, Uganda Museum, Mengo Palace, Kololo Independence Grounds, Gaddafi mosque, Fort Lugard, among others.

The New students attested to the resounding and memorable out-of-class experience and were able to appreciate Uganda’s richness, the various cultures, and how they connect with their academic life.

Students General Assembly

The day of sightseeing was followed by a Students’ General Assembly which was held on 05th February 2022. This was the first general assembly held since 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Olive Sabiiti, who presided over this assembly also conducted the swearing-in ceremony of the Guild Leaders who had not yet been sworn in.

Dr. Sabiiti emphasized student-centricity as the key distinguisher of CUU from other universities and asked students to support the changes in teaching and learning to match with the current times.

Freshers Ball

The crowning and perhaps most exciting part of the Week of Wonder was the Freshers Ball. New students graced the CUU grounds clad in their finest outfits ready to dance and blow off steam. It was all smiles and merrymaking, no better way to wrap up Wonder Week!


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