Alumni Executive Election Call

Dear Alumni of Cavendish University Uganda,

The Cavendish University Alumni Association is seeking dedicated and passionate individuals to join the leadership team as part of its mission to foster a strong and engaged alumni community. We are currently accepting applications for the following vacant executive positions:

1. Chairperson:

Key Roles: provide overall leadership and direction to the alumni association, preside over meetings, and coordinate the work of other executive members.

2. Vice Chairperson:

Key Roles: assist the Chairperson in their duties and act as Chairperson in their absence.

3. General Secretary:

Key Roles: maintain records, prepare agendas and minutes of meetings, and manage correspondence.

4. Secretary Finance:

Key Roles: manage the financial affairs of the alumni association, including preparing budgets, keeping financial records, and presenting financial reports to the executive members.

5. Speaker:

Key Roles: First must be a lawyer, then will provide legal advice and guidance to the alumni association on matters related to its operations and activities.

6. Deputy Speaker:

Key Roles: First must be a lawyer, then will assist the Speaker in their duties and act as Speaker in their absence.

7. Chapter Representative:

  1. Nigerian Chapter
  2. Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) Chapter,
  3. South Sudan (SS) Chapter
  4. Somalis:
  5. Tanzanian Chapter

Key role: promote the alumni association in their respective regions, organize events, and maintain communication with alumni in their areas.

As proud alumni of Cavendish University, we invite you to apply for the position(s) that align with your experience, skills, and interests. This is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the university community and to help shape the future of Cavendish University. The deadline for submitting your application, CV, and platform statement is 5:00 pm EAT of Tuesday, April 18th, 2023.

Please email your application materials to We encourage all interested alumni to apply and take on leadership roles in the Cavendish University Alumni Association. Together, we can build a strong and engaged alumni community that supports the growth and success of our alma mater. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to receiving your application. Please find attached a comprehensive roadmap to the election.



Cavendish University Uganda Alumni Association.

Road Map

Please receive a complete election roadmap for the Cavendish University Uganda Alumni Election to be held virtually on April 27th, 2023 beginning at 8:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Election Guidelines

The guidelines below cover aspects such as the eligibility criteria for voters and candidates, the election timeline, the voting process, and any rules or regulations that may apply.

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    1. To be eligible to vote in the election, an alumnus must have completed a degree or diploma programme at CUU, and paid a membership fee of NIL Shillings, to be registered with the alumni association.
    2. To be eligible to run for office, a candidate must have paid an association fee of $6 or 20,000 shilling, be within the eligibility criteria, must have no outstanding debts or disciplinary issues with the university, and must attend the Alumni Breakfast scheduled for Saturday, April 29th, 2023.
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:
    1. The Chairperson
    2. The Vice-Chairperson
    3. The General Secretary
    4. The Secretary Finance
    5. Speaker
    6. Deputy Speaker
    7. Country representatives representing Nigeria, DRC, South Sudan, & Tanzania

Note: The Speaker and Deputy Speaker (shall be lawyers by profession) Deadline, Wednesday, April 21st, 2023.

  1. Campaign Guidelines:
    1. Candidates are free to campaign through various channels, such as social media, email, and in-person events. However, they must adhere to ethical guidelines, refrain from personal attacks, and ensure that all information provided is accurate and truthful. Campaigns begin on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 and end on Midnight of April 26th, 2023.
  2. Voting Process:
    1. Voting will be conducted through a secure online platform on Thursday, 27th, April 2023, and each voter will be assigned a unique identifier to prevent fraud. Voting will be open for a specified period, and results will be tallied by the election committee.
  3. Election Committee:
    1. The election committee will be composed of at least three members, including a chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer. Members of the committee must be impartial, have no vested interest in the outcome of the election, and must ensure that the election process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.
    2. Dispute Resolution:
      1. In case of any disputes or challenges related to the election process, the election committee will have the final decision-making authority. Any disputes must be raised in writing within a specified period after the announcement of results, and the committee will investigate and make a final decision.

For more details and information, please contact Bernard Ochan in the Careers and Employability Office on or call on +256782875654.

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