General Student Discounts to support the 2020 August Term

Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) recognises that COVID-19 has impacted livelihoods and created financial uncertainties of unprecedented nature. At the same time, and because of the ensuing requirement for social distancing, universities, including CUU, have resorted to teaching students online for the foreseeable future.

CUU is therefore offering General Student Discounts to enable both New and Continuing students to pay for their 2020 August term fees more affordably and to support any other individual requirements for CUU students to undertake online learning such as purchase of devices (the standard university tablet or a smart phone, etc.), internet connectivity (data), etc.

A total of 15% (fifteen percent) and 10% (ten percent) of One Term’s Tuition shall be discounted by The University to New and Continuing Students of CUU respectively ("August 2020 New Intake" and "August 2020 Continuing Students") upon payment of registration fees of UGX 60.000.

This General Student Discount is applicable to New and Continuing students on ALL modes of study, namely Campus Day mode, Distance Learning Mode and Working Adult Mode;

  1. Students who want to enrol for Campus based Day mode can use the discount offered by the University to purchase a device or the University specified tablet or to purchase internet bundles to enable their studies
  2. Given the present Covid-19 restrictions on On-Campus studies, ALL students will study online and students are at liberty to choose which specific mode of study they wish to subscribe for at the point of enrolment and to stick to the mode’s respective pricing schedule for the Programme life while at The University
  3. New Students must meet the admission requirements set out for each programme
  4. Final admission decisions are made by the University for New Students who must submit their admission documents such as certificates, and application fees slips to the University’s Enrolment office
  5. New and Continuing students must pay their University tuition and fees per the prescribed schedule to benefit from this general discount

The University Enrolment office will follow up with New and Continuing students to determine and support their qualification for this General Student Discount.

Terms and conditions for this Staff Student Referral Incentive Scheme apply.


  1. The CUU General Student Discount to support 2020 August Term shall apply for all the Programmes offered at the University: Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelors and Post graduate degree programmes in all faculties and for all New and Continuing Students enroled or registered at the University.
  2. The General Student Discount shall apply for all the modes of study offered at the University: Campus-based Mode, Distance learning mode and Working Adult mode.
  3. Students who want to enrol for Campus based Day mode can use the discount offered by the University to purchase a device or the University specified tablet or to purchase internet bundles to enable their studies.
  4. Participation in this general discount scheme for any New or Continuing Student may be terminated by the University where, in the reasonable opinion of the University, the student has furnished information that is unsatisfactory, inadequate or improper.
  5. The Students will act in compliance with the University’s Registration and Payment policy, as well as, other University policies and procedures.
  6. The University will present to the New or Continuing Student with all the necessary documents e.g., application forms, acceptance forms, fees structures, programme guides, prospectuses and brochures as required by the Student to successfully enrol or register respectively.
  7. To facilitate confirmation of the General Student Discount to support 2020 August Term, the Student shall submit evidence of settlement of payment obligations to the University with the following details:
    1. Student name and contact information including the name of programme and mode of study as per initial registration
    2. Evidence of Fees paid in the University bank accounts or advised mobile payment platforms
  8. The University shall credit the general student discount upon receipt of tuition payment by the student
  9. The Student shall, through the enrolment office, submit any disputes and or reconciliation requests on commission payable within 1 week of receipt of payment from the University. The University shall on a best efforts basis, ensure that any such disputes and or reconciliations are handled expeditiously.
  10. The University reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, vary, modify and or in any other way change any programmes, programme policies or fee guidelines, and to alter any promotional, informational or application materials. Where possible, the University will notify the Student of the changes.
  11. The University further reserves the right to make the final determination as to the admission of any student recruited under this discount regime
  12. All other University Discounts apply, e.g. Early Payment Discounts, Student Referral Discounts, etc.