2021 Applicants and Enrolment Information

We understand that our Applicants and New students have concerns about the 2021 mode of study at Cavendish University Uganda. We are following the advice from the National Council for Higher Education, the Uganda Ministries of Health, Education and Sports and that of Foreign Affairs, ensuring that the welfare of our students and staff is our absolute priority.

Following the Media Statement by the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports (dated 5th February 2021) on reopening of Higher Education Institutions and a letter from the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports of 9th February 2021, universities are required to develop customized programmes allowing their students to study from campus in a staggered manner while observing the SOPs for prevention of Covid-19.

Cavendish University Uganda will reopen in a staggered manner to give opportunity to all students to study on campus. Students joining Year One - Semester one will study from campus for the whole first semester as they need proper orientation and mastery of several competencies before they can effectively study online. Other learners will study on campus for at least four weeks to handle practical aspects of their curriculum.

If you have any questions you can contact us, but please check the FAQs below first where we have aimed to answer your queries.

When will classes for the new academic year 2021 start?

Enrolment for our January/February Intake is currently ongoing. Classes will be conducted physically for New Students and are scheduled to commence on Monday 01st March 2021.

We understand that the current COVID-19 crisis has created uncertainty for all our future students, particularly International students who need to travel from outside of Uganda to take up their place in Cavendish University Uganda (CUU).

We are absolutely committed to your successful and practical learning and making the pursuit of your studies that much easier through our top of the Market Online Teaching and Learning Platform

Will there be a University Orientation Programme for new students?

Yes, we plan to have a Virtual Student Orientation Programme scheduled to take place from 22nd - 24th February, 2021 via the Google Meet Platform. The joining link will be shared with each student through your student email addresses. This will be followed up with a face-to-face orientation on 1st March, 2021 when the On-campus programmes start.

How will campus be kept safe?

Our pandemic response protocols are based on the advice of the Ugandan Ministry of Health. We have undertaken measures to make our campus safe, including ensuring that appropriate social distancing and new cleaning measures are in place.

Students and visitors to campus will each be required to carry a face mask and they will receive clear guidance on how our teaching and study spaces, libraries, and lounges will operate to ensure everyone’s safety. Students will also be fully briefed on health and safety, as part of our welcome and orientation activities.

What will the January Semester look like?

At any given time, the campus will have less than one third of its normal student population who can study while observing the SOPs. The students studying from campus will still follow a blended learning method to gain mastery of online learning skills, which they will use when they revert to online study.

Do I have to come to Cavendish University Uganda for the January 2021 Semester?

Yes, all first Year Students will have to physically come to Cavendish University Uganda for Face to Face classes effective on 01st March, 2021 following approval from the Government of Uganda.

Will the University run a virtual open day?

We will communicate the University’s position on whether or not to hold a Virtual Open Day in the months to come.

Is the Cavendish University Uganda Distance Learning Programme still running?

Yes, our Distance Learning Programme is still running and we are accepting applications for the February Intake. The courses on offer can be accessed via https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/about-cavendish-distance-learning

Are you still accepting applications for February 2021?

We're still accepting applications for February 2021 entry. Students who wish to apply should make an application via https://cavendish.ac.ug/index.php/student-application-form

Application requirements can be accessed via https://cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/application-requirements

Can I defer my offer to 2021 entry?

Yes, you can defer your offer to 2022 entry. For more information on how and when to defer your offer, you can contact our Enrolment team via any of the contacts below;

Email: info@cavendish.ac.ug
Telephone: +256 414531700
Mobile: +256 700652010 / +256 700652020 / +256 700652030 / +256 700652040 / +256 700652050
WhatsApp: +256 706 695369

What financial support is available from the University?

We have provided a 30% programme fee reduction on our on-campus and online learning options for our Weekend students.

At Cavendish University Uganda, we also have a Student Referral Programme that enables our students to practice their salesmanship and receive instant reward. Enroled students, by referring a friend to the University, receive a 10% tuition discount and are free to refer up to 10 students, thus receiving a 100% tuition discount. Read more via https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/scholarships-discounts/students-referral-programme

We also offer top Ugandan students an opportunity to study on Academic Excellence Scholarships which cover up to 100% tuition and functional fees. You can access more details via the link https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/local-applicants

In addition to the above offers, we have Early Registration and Tuition Payment discounts. To learn more about these, visit https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/scholarships-discounts/overview

Do you have E-Payment Options?

Yes, we do. You can instantly pay your Tuition fees at your convenience via our easy to use and effective mobile and online options. Our E-Payment systems provide for safe payments for our remotely located students. You can pay your tuition using Mobile Money via the SchoolPay platform at http://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/student-finance/pay-with-mobile-money/article

You can also pay with U-Bills via http://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/student-finance/pay-with-u-bills or with Stanbic Flexipay via http://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/student-finance/pay-with-stanbic-flexi-pay

Yes, we do. You can instantly pay your Tuition fees at your convenience via our easy to use and effective mobile and online options. Our E-Payment systems provide for safe payments for our remotely located students. You can pay your tuition using Mobile Money via the SchoolPay platform at https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/student-finance/pay-with-mobile-money

You can also pay with U-Bills via https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/student-finance/pay-with-u-bills or with Stanbic Flexipay via https://www.cavendish.ac.ug/admissions/student-finance/pay-with-stanbic-flexi-pay

Will there be University Accommodation and how do I apply for it?

Our Dean of Students' office is always ready to help students find safe, cost-effective and comfortable housing to ease their stay at Cavendish University Uganda.

You can reach the Dean of Students’ office via dos@cavendish.ac.ug

We will continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation closely and update our FAQs with any changes – please keep checking for the latest updates.