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Master of Public Health

Doctors save lives, but they can’t do it without administrative support. They need skilled leaders that can design policies and implement strategies which benefit patients as well as medics. They need Public Health experts to do the hard work of managing medicine so that doctors can focus on healing.

The MSc. Public Health is a multi-disciplinary Programme which builds competence to work in the fields of preventive medicine. It  equips  students with diagnostic skills in  community health, measuring health outcomes, preventing  and controlling  diseases , policy formulation, marketing, behavioural change, resource allocation, monitoring  and evaluation.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

  • To provide skills and competencies for diagnosing Community health problems, designing sustainable health programs and managing public Health challenges.
  • To equip students with research skills
  • To build competence in health monitoring
  • To build capacity for students to design programs that address Public Health challenges
  • To equip students with the skills necessary to identify the most prevalent global diseases and explore Control measures

Programme structure

Course CodeCourse Name
MBA710 Financial management
MPH 711 Fundamental of Global Health and Public Health
MPH 712 Ethics in Public Health
MPH 713 Biostatistics
MPH 714 Epidemiology
Course CodeCourse Name
MPH 720 Demography and population dynamics
MPH 721 Infectious and non-infectious diseases Control
MPH 722 Environmental and Occupation Heath
RS001 Research methods
MPH 723 Field work Projects and Presentations
Course CodeCourse Name
MPH 810 Health services management
MPH 811 Health economics
MPH 812 Health Research Methodology
MPH 813 Health Policy Planning and Analysis
MPH 814 Health in Disaster and emergency Situations
Course CodeCourse Name
MPH 820 Dissertation

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